Sunday, December 07, 2008

Things I did this weekend

- Did some shopping. Got some cute outfits for Kylie and Lucia's birthdays. Ink for my new printer. (I'm getting an Epson Artisan 700 as an early Christmas gift.) A body pillow with a nice plush cover. CD insert paper to make printing my calendars easy. Beyonce's new CD for Randi. SD cards for the cameras that didn't come with them.
- Listened to lots of: Gimme, no, that's mine, I was playing with that, you're ruining every thing, I like Santa Claus movies, gimme, no, gimme, mommy's coming back, (The girls were here.)
- Got punched in the lip face with one of these fish maracas.
- Had a nasty headache (See above for reasons).
- Hung out with my friends at the bar.
- Visited my friends' new apartment.
- Saw a cat get stuck in the chimney.
- Ended up with an extra set of Toyota keys that weren't mine.
- Took Penny to dog training. She got dog whisperer-ed by the instructor because she was so whiny. Learned our first command: Watch me.
- Figured out the keys belonged to the friends whose apartment I visited and stopped by with Penny to return them.
- Watched lots of Harry Potter. (Marathon on TV)

Going to do some relaxing tonight and maybe scrap a bit. Here are some pages from last week...
Taylor the artist. CreditsAnd here's one for a Studio Start about holiday stress. This really helped me get my to do list together. Credits.


Blogger Sarah96 said...

sounds as though you had quite an eventful weekend. hehe :)

December 07, 2008  
Blogger clc said...

Love the layouts and the video of Penny!

December 08, 2008  
OpenID pixelsnglue said...

Sounds so busy and fun too! Well, not the punch in the face part!

December 08, 2008  

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