Sunday, December 21, 2008

The week before Christmas

I have been so crazy the last week! Between work, getting ready for Christmas and being sick, my head has been spinning. I'm trying to relax today and do a few things on the computer. (Ignoring the 300+ emails that have built up!) So let's see...

Sunday was Kylie's birthday party. I missed most of it because of Penny's training class. But I hear I didn't miss much. The birthday girl was not in a good mood!
Kid takes after me! I still don't like being sung to! Diego cake by Grandma
Hanging upside down did cheer her up!

I had a few days off from work. Randi and I went to NYC on Monday. It was a beautiful 64 degrees out! Here are some things we saw...
FAO Shwartz has the coolest thing ... build your own Muppet!!
These polar bears were in the display at Bergdoff Goodman's. Made me think of Lost.
We saw Jack McBayer, aka 30 Rock's Kenneth the page, being interviewed outside Rockefeller Center.
The tree
Some really big ornaments.
Avenue Q is one of my favorite shows and I loved this billboard.
The Naked Cowboy

Monday and Tuesday, mom and I worked on the tree. We've both been so sick that we haven't had the energy to do much.
Penny's first ornament
A new one I got at the Disney store in the city.

Friday we had a nasty snow storm. I got stuck on a closed road and it took me about 5 hours to get to work. I hate snow! We're supposed to get more tonight. Yuck!

Saturday, we did a little more Christmas shopping. Then I went over to Randi's and made lots of Christmas ornaments and we had a movie marathon! I saw all of my faves: Christmas Story, Elf, The Muppets Christmas Carol and White Christmas.

I only have one more person to get a gift for. I also still need to print my calendars. My Shutterfly books might be here on time - I had to wait until pay day to order them this year. Nothing's been wrapped yet and I think baking is off the list until I feel better. I'm going to the doctor early tomorrow. Going to spend the rest of this day goofing off!


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