Monday, January 19, 2009

This week: Snow, planes, cropping, Houdini dog

When is winter going to be over? Is it me or have we been getting more snow this year than we have in ages? We had more snow over the weekend and it looks like we're getting more today. Blah!

This has been a pretty crazy week. At work, we were told everyone in the company must take a week of unpaid leave before the end of March. While I'm glad I still have a job, I'm worried about money and how I'm going to save enough to get through these next few months. I'm so tired of worrying.

But we did have an amazing news story this week that lifted morale in the newsroom - at least I thought so...
My sister called me on Thursday to tell me "turn on the TV. There's a plane in the Hudson River." Our town is right on the Hudson, so the plane and rescue efforts could be seen from here. I saw lots of familiar building on the Jersey side in all the news coverage. Crazy story and I'm still amazed that everyone was able to get out safe!

Saturday, I went to an all-day crop and laughed like crazy with Melissa and Patti. I will post all my pages in the next post.

Yesterday, I was so disappointed that Penny's last training class was canceled! I brought her out there and I am not on their call list. We hung out a bit with her friend Taz the rottweiler, whose mom also didn't get a call. I had gotten Penny a new harness for the car that attaches to a seat belt. I strapped her into the back seat, cleaned some snow off the car and by the time I came around to the front of the car, she was sitting there on the passenger side! I have no idea how she did it! The harness was in one piece, still attached to the seat belt. She must have wiggled herself out! She's so sneaky!!!


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