Monday, February 02, 2009

It's been a while

Greetings Earthlings! I used to use that phrase a lot when I went through my Marvin the Martian phase. I felt so weird as a teenager that I used to say I was from Mars. Just another random thing about me. Seems like I've been learning lots of random things about people since that's a tag going around on Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, I have been unfriending a lot of people. I'm sorry if you're one of them. But I'm sticking with people who I know. I have always just accepted anyone as friends, so there are a lot scrappers I am friends with and I have no idea who they are. I am keeping friends I know from boards, teams, chats or shops -and there are a lot of them! Is it me, or is Facebook just exploding lately. So many people who I really do know have been joining up and finding me.

Not much has been up with me. I'm just tired from work. Busy with the redesign project. Excited about our new president and the return of Lost. Working with Penny on her training. Trying to save money (and not doing a good job at it). Taking my 365 photos. Scrapping. Listening to Bruce Springsteen (he's everywhere lately). And I am so sick of winter. I can't remember the last time we've had so much snow.

This weekend I did laundry and shopped for groceries (two things I almost never do on weekends), hung out with Betty for the second weekend in a row, saw the Wrestler (really great movie), went to Penny's last class and graduation, and watched the Super Bowl. I just hung around scrapping while Mom and I watched the game last night. (Yay Steelers!) And I thought it was funny how Mom had to explain calls and stuff to me. She knows way more about the game than I do.

Now for a catch up on scrapping. I'm finally done (woohoo!) with all the pages for my Christmas album! I am so in love with multiphoto and double page templates right now! They really helped me stick to my goal of doing all these pages. I do need to do one more page of journaling (which I'm just going to copy off the blog) and the cover, which I've decided to do in paper!

I scrapped this two-pager about New Year's Eve while I watching the Super Bowl last night. Credits TK. I used Tracy Blankenship's awesome Templates With Attitude Doubles and lots of stuff by Holly McCaig.

I scrapped my little sweetie with the new Studio collab, Impressions of Delight. Credits
Hanging out with Amanda and Haley at the Hard Rock. Credits
I've been playing with Photoshop a bit lately and have felt inspired to try something different. I did this page for Phuong Ton play day and was inspired by the background. I called this one Penny's Garden. (Stay tuned for a sequel that I can't post yet!). Credits
This is another one where I played with PS a lot. I added the fence, bird, snow and Penny to the photo and took out some random people! Credits
My SIL took all these photos of the girls for her Christmas card this year. I just loved all these faces. Credits

Another two-pager using Tracy's templates for K's birthday party! Credits.
And a wrap up of Christmas morning. Credits


Blogger clc said...

Love all your layouts! I've got to get some pages done.

February 02, 2009  
Blogger Amanda Ann said...

Awesome! They are all great! Of course the one of us is my favorite. LOL

February 02, 2009  
Blogger Gina said...

I'm with you - I *love* multi-photo and/or double-page templates. I usually want more than one photo on my pages anyway. I'd rather have photos on the page than all that other stuff. ;) That's why I was such a big fan of Nancy Comelab's frame clusters. Actually I still am a big fan, just sad she's not selling any more! Are we friends on FB? I can't remember. If you need to unfriend me to declutter your FB life, I'll understand. :) You're nice to accept other scrappers that you might not know well. I won't. ;)

February 02, 2009  
Blogger Kim said...

Such wonderful layouts, Robin! You do such a great job of capturing the spirit of the occasion!

February 08, 2009  

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