Friday, March 06, 2009

Bumming around

I haven't been doing much all week. I like being lazy. I enjoy having no where to go. I am glad I have a dog, because otherwise, I'd forget to go outside!

My fun and exciting activities have included: cleaning off my dresser, taking Penny out, going out to eat, cooking risotto (and it came out great!), scrapping, watching tv, shopping, getting an oil change, drinking some beers at the bar, listening to U2's new album, watching U2 on Letterman (Oh they're singing Beautiful Day as I write this! Woohoo!). I also have been catching up on my Tivo and watched a few episodes of Dollhouse, which is a pretty cool show. And I'm annoyed at ABC for canceling yet another show that I love - Life on Mars. I've been ranting about all this in real time on Twitter.

Tomorrow, I'm going to the city to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex! That should be pretty cool. I hope it's nice out.

(Bono is changing up the words like crazy ... it's awesome! Adding a little tribute to Dave and to the Ramones.)

Here's some of the scrapping I've done this week.

Finally scrapped my first month of Project 365 photos! Credits

This is my grandma. She looked so pretty on her wedding day. I used a kit by Irene Alexeeva, who is a guest this month at SBG. Credits

I also did a little scrap therapy and played with lots of Kim Jensen's stuff. Credits

And..... here's a page I did tonight that I haven't posted anywhere yet. I fell in love with Lorie Davison's Flying Dreams kit and just had to play with it, even though this kind of page isn't my usual style. I know it isn't perfect, but it was a lot of fun to create.


Blogger Kim Jensen said...

Glad you're enjoying your break! I like being lazy too! ;)

Wonderful layouts! The last one is adorable! I'd never know you weren't perfectly at home with that style!

March 06, 2009  

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