Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chef Robin & other random stuff

Have I mentioned that I've been on a cooking kick lately! I haven't had a Lean Cuisine in ages. I started just before my furlough week. I've been making food and freezing the leftovers for dinner during at work. I think it's saving me money. The only downside has been all the dishes I need to wash. Here's what I'm making tonight with ground turkey. I cooked the turkey and some of the other stuff ahead of time and I'm baking the potatoes now. Hope it turns out ok!

I had a good weekend. Hung out with some friends at karaoke on Friday. Last night I saw the high school's production of All Shook Up, which was really cute! And Randi and I saw I Love You, Man this afternoon and I just cracked up the whole time. Love Paul Rudd and Jason Segel.

My cable box is dead and my Tivo-ing is all screwed up! It's so annoying. I have to wait until Tuesday before someone can come and fix or replace it.

I saw my nieces last weekend and they peformed a princess fashion/musical show. It was insane! I have to say I'm so proud of Kylie. She knows how to spell and write her name now! (Not bad for a 3 year old, I think!). And Taylor lost her first tooth. I get teary just thinking about how big they are getting.

This week is going to be nuts for me. We're launching the paper's redesign on Friday for Saturday's paper. I'm not sure how ready we are! We still have to train everyone in the next few days. I'm worried about the reactions and how it will go over as well as how everyone will do with the changes. The paper is converting to a 44-inch web, which is a technical way of saying the paper is getting smaller. But the type is getting bigger. It's going to be a big change. And it's going to be weird seeing a lot of things I designed become the style of things. We had to work with fonts and resources that we had and make some compromises. But I think some things look good. I hope people will like it!

I better get back to the kitchen and check on those potatoes!


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