Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Up too early, again

Rocky's here today and he and Penny took over my bed this morning. So I decided to get some stuff done. Did some laundry. Finished up a layout. Posted the Studio Spotlight. (Check out the new SBG designers.) Of course now the dogs are sitting together on the other couch looking at me. Wonder if they'll let me go back to sleep.

I have a million things to do lately, but I'd rather scrap! I am on such a roll. I think I could scrap all day. I've been trying to use my tablet some more, and I'm getting used to it with the laptop. Here are some more pages.

This weeks Studio Start challenged us to list people we'd invite for dinner so I made a page about my friends on the Studio Crew. Maya's re-released her Everything but the Kitchen Sink which was super fun to use, especially since it had lots of chickens. The crew loves the chickens. Credits

I did this one for a Studio Wendy play day. And I just love, love Irene Alexeeva's critters. She is awesome. I love this photo of Kylie, too. I have one similar to it of Tay from a few years ago. Credits

This was another fun page to make! I scanned my Wicked stuff but was annoyed that I couldn't find the first book or my ticket stub, d'oh. Tangie Baxter's Fabuloz Friends kit is too cool. Credits

This photo of T cracks me up. She looks like a cross between Axel Rose and a wrestler. She is a nut! I used lots of Holly McCaig's stuff on here. If you're looking for her designs, she's at 2 Peas these days. Credits
And this is actually 4 pages - merged into one for posting convenience - from the St. Patrick's Day part at the Rover. I used two of Hillary Heidelberg's 365 double page templates to get all these photos in. 365 templates make great multi photo pages. The Sunday Best page I posted a while ago was also a 365 template. Just take off the month, date elements and give it your own spin! Credits


Blogger clc said...

Love the layouts! Hope Rocky and Penny let you get a nap before you have to go to work!

March 25, 2009  
Blogger Melinda said...

I'm glad someone is on a scrapping roll- cause it is not me! :P I think I'm still catching up on the rest I missed out on last week and over the weekend. I didn't sleep well while DH was gone.

March 25, 2009  

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