Monday, April 06, 2009

Redesigns and Scrapping

Our redesign launch went OK on Friday. I should have some images to post after I'm back at work today. Our front page at the Newseum has been the same since Thursday. D'oh! It was kind of hectic. I was assigned to the front page. And even though we've been working on the designs for so long, I haven't had to build a page from scratch with all the new features. We also had a big news story - the tragic massacre up in Binghamton, NY. And everyone else knew even less about the new styles than I did so they had lots of questions for me. But we got it all done on time and it looked pretty good. No one called all weekend, so I'm guessing things ran smoothly.

Saturday was another fun all day crop with my cropping buddies. Patti stopped by with her twins - so cute! And I won two prizes - woohoo! Of course I got lots of pages done too!

Yesterday, I went to Michaels and got myself a big crop bag. I have a big hybrid project I want to work on and I need to bring my stuff to the crop. I also picked up some crafty stuff for a hat contest we're having on Easter and a birthday present for Taylor.

Rocky's here this week while his mom is probably on a beach in the Domincan Republic for Spring Break. The dogs are being good this morning, but we're all cooped up because of the rain.
I'm bummed the weekend is over. I'm so exhausted - not sure if it's from the scrapping and shopping or post-redesign fatigue.

Here are some pages from last week and some that I got done at the crop...

Here's another Penny scene. I think this kit by one of the new SBG designers Coralie is too cute.

Finally got my Feb. 366 page done. I like this month because it was short! (Credits)
Randi and I went to the Rock annex in NYC while I was on furlough and it was kind of a disappointment. Not as cool as the Hall in Cleveland and way overpriced. They don't let you take photos inside either! Credits

Holly has some great new stuff over at 2Peas. I had fun mixing it up for this page. I am nuts about birds lately. Credits

I also had to grab Baers Garten's Spring Song collection before the crop because it was just too cute. Credits
This one was for a We Can Build It challenge. Our daffodils started blooming last week. Credits

I've had these photos of the girls for a while now and finally found a kit that I liked for them. Credits
Traci Sims' is taking a break from designing so we had a goodbye playday. This is my great-grandmother - who I think would have liked all the buttons and goodies in Traci's designs. Credits

I was really happy with my photo editing... here's the before image! I think it's hard to see - but there are all kinds of cracks and specks.

I did this page about Penny's Favorite Things for our play day welcoming four new French designers to the studio. Credits

An old photos of me and my brother using the Impressions of Renewal kit at SBG.

This was for a Lorie Davison Play Day. I'm still in love with Flying Dreams. Had to make a page with it for Kylie since I already did one for Taylor. Credits.

And these photos are from a few Easter's ago. I did this for an Em-Ka Play Day. Credits


Blogger Amanda Ann said...

Love your layouts! So glad you had a fun time cropping and yay for winning prizes! :)

April 06, 2009  
Blogger Lumilyon said...

Robin, as I think you know, I love your layouts of your dog X

April 20, 2009  

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