Sunday, May 17, 2009

I have actually been avoiding my computer lately. Just not feeling very social lately. I have been absorbed in reading. I finished Dragonfly in Amber, Dead and Gone and Voyager in the last week. I am behind in my Tivo viewing with all the season finales this week. Lost and Grey's Anatomy made me teary. Even the Office did. Between books and TV, I've been forgetting to check in at Facebook or Twitter and I'm behind on my emails.

I saw Star Trek today and that was such a kick ass movie. I already want to see it again! I loved Zac Quinto as Spock.

Yesterday, I went to a crop and shocked some of the ladies when I dragged in my crop bag. LOL! I brought my paper supplies to work on my hybrid album. I got them all done pretty quickly too because I had them all mapped out on the computer. I used sketches for the most part to design the pages and then printed out the pieces. And I saved the templates so that I can throw together quick digi versions for my family. I just out the pieces, glued them onto the papers and added a few embellies! Super easy!

I also got a lot of digi stuff done, too. Here are a few plus some things I did during the week. I'll link up the credits after I post them in the galleries.

The girls playing on Mother's Day. I did this one for a Studio Mystique Play Day.

The girls also did some chalk drawings. I think Taylor's Cinderella was pretty good!

The girls at the NSD crop.

Caught up on my March 365 photos.

Some photos of Penny on her birthday. I used this super cute kit my friend Tania designed for the So You Think You Can Design contest.


Blogger clc said...

I've been avoiding my computer since I moved. I loved Dead and Gone and I've read a couple other books rather than unpack boxes in my computer room. Love your new layouts!

May 18, 2009  
Blogger Kim Jensen said...

I've been glued to my computer a lot lately, but unfortunately it's all been set-up type stuff, so sometimes I wish I could avoid it! Not much time for fun or socializing. But it's getting there! :)

Totally wonderful layouts, Robin! :D Glad you had fun at the crop and the movie!

May 19, 2009  

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