Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Three days isn't enough!

I hope you all had a nice Memorial Day weekend! I didn't have to work today and I had the house to myself, so it's been a pretty good one here! After a really long week at work, I really needed some R&R.

It feels like it was an eventful weekend. ...
- On Saturday morning, I thought Penny was lost! When I woke up, I couldn't find her panicked! She was out in the hallway and I couldn't figure out how she got out there. I thought maybe my brother or sister had stopped by and she sneaked out. Later I finally I remembered some Jehovah Witnesses had rung the bell and I answered the door in a fog. I didn't realize she followed me out there. Poor Penny! She didn't bark or cry at all out there.
- I did some shopping with my sis. Got some books, some shirts, and a new bag.
- Saw Terminator Salvation.
- Had hot dogs at Hirams, a classic Jersey place.
- Ran into some friends while I was out walking Penny on Saturday night. I ended up hanging out with them and watched a crappy bootleg of Star Trek.
- Did a lot of cleaning around the house. (Not easy to mop the floor with Penny and Rocky here.)
- Caught up on my Entertainment weeklies. Started reading Drums of Autumn.
- Watched The Reader and Last Change Harvey from Netflix.
- Did some scrapping.
- Took Penny to the Memorial Day parade where we met up with Betty and Lucia.

Penny was really good at the parade. And she looked so cute in her flag shirt. She only whined a few times and got along well with some other dogs. The parade in town is one of our more pathetic parades. You'd miss it if you blinked and there aren't many people who come out to see it. But we did see some people we know out on the avenue or in the parade. It was such a nice day anyway so it didn't matter that the parade was an hour late! By the end of the parade, Lucia finally caught on and was clapping as the last few cars drove by. She was honking and beeping along with them. So cute!

I'm excited about the next few weeks. I've got a lot of time off coming up and my trip to St. Louis. Still have the house to myself for a few more days, too.

So here are my pages from this weekend and last week...

I usually don't like staged photos, but I got Kylie to pose like this for me. Seemed only right to give her some butterflies to play with. Did this one for the Peta Boardman Play Day. She's new to SBG! Credits
The chaos that was T's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. CreditsI did this one for a Studio Ziska Play Day with lots of cute photos of my puppy. Credits

And here's another one of Penny's adventures for an Alana McCarthy Play Day. Credits


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