Sunday, August 16, 2009

Enjoying the silence

It's nice and quiet here. Mom's out. Penny's curled up in a ball. The air conditioner is the loudest noise. I love having the house to myself.

I'm trying to organize my music files. I managed to backup all my music files on an external drive before my computer in the office died on me again so I'm setting it up down here on the laptop. I'm adding some more CDs to the mix and am going to burn some Bruce Springsteen for Randi to get her ready for the concert in October. And I told another friend I'd burn him some Kings of Leon - one of my new obsessions. I have been listening to their first two albums and loving them.

I am finally feeling better - not totally great, but much better. I stayed home from work two days - can't remember the last time I've felt so blech. I've been dealing with a bunch of crap at work that I don't even want to think about while I'm still trying to enjoy the weekend. So needless to say, this wasn't a fun week.

I went to a crop yesterday and got TEN pages done! I think that's my new record! It's ten if you count both sides of doubles - and I do. LOL! I had so much fun with Melissa, Patti, Tina and the regular cropping crew. We spent the whole day laughing - I don't know how I got any work done!

Here are the pages I did yesterday and some from the week. Will add credits when I post them all.

Randi's new hair cut. Sometimes I just love doing a page that has nothing to do with my CTs and actually get to use the stuff I've bought. Credits

Some photos from Taylor's kindergarten graduation using Baers Garten's cute new Hello School from SBG.

Another two pager from the wedding I went to. I wanted to do something different so I used a New Year's kit - Bluebell's 5 to Midnight from SBG.

Here's my cute goddaughter at the Memorial Day parade.

Kylie got a new big girl bed! She was so happy to show it off. I used lots of stuff by my good friend Tania Shaw over at Funky Playground. Credits

This is my family's idea of fun! The girls were pretending to kill us all! They are crazy. This is a kit by Michelle Godin and Rachel Young. And speaking of Michelle - I found out today I'm going to be on her new CT as a part-timer! Yay!!!!

These are some scenes from Rutgers Day this year using Tania Shaw's Amy kit. And here are my May and June pages with my Project 365 photos. I even started July yesterday, but was feeling tired so I didn't finish. :)

It's almost time for True Blood and then open mic at the Rover! My favorite part of the weekend always comes at the very end. LOL!


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