Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Netflixing on a rainy day

Not much going on here. I feel like all I do is work. I did get a lot stuff during the last week. Took Penny to get groomed, went to the eye doctor (which reminds me I need to pick up my new glasses), cleaned the mess that is my bedroom. I tried making brownies with a new silicon bites pan, but I forgot to spray it first and I made a big mess.

On Sunday, Lucia had her first dance recital. Five hours into it, her group was finally up. They did the dance twice - and both times she just stood there. At one point, she did punch the girl next to her! It was all very cute and worth the wait to see her.

Today I'm catching up on some Netflix and watching the Soloist. It's been rainy lately so I'm finally getting through these. I also watched Away We Go and Monsters vs. Aliens over the last few days - all pretty good.

Haven't done any scrapping since last week's crop, except for this new page with this new Rebel Rock kit by PixelWorks.


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