Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One last day

Why does vacation time always go so quickly? I've been off from work the last three days and I can't believe they are over. Not that I've been doing much. I've been taking it easy after being so sick last week. I did go see Couples Therapy with Randi yesterday and did a little shopping at Target today. I mostly cleared out all the shows backed up on Tivo.

On Saturday, I went to a crop with the girls and here's what I got done.

The girls baking with some of my brother's co-workers. I didn't get to stay and taste the cookies they made. Boo! This was for a Ruby Rynne play day - another one of the new designers at SBG. Credits

I caught up on my 365 scrapping for September and August.

Here's one I did using some goodies from Pixel Works featuring the pups looking sweet. Credits

Some of my friends on Halloween. Credits


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