Saturday, December 05, 2009

Ack! Snow!!!

I just cleaned off and moved my car! It was covered in snow. It's been nasty all day - after a pretty nice day yesterday. Mom and I have stayed home watching DVDs - White Christmas and Star Trek - and reading. We ordered dinner from Sal's. I did a little online shopping - a birthday present for Kylie, shoes for me - laundry, and some bill paying. I really love staying home and doing nothing - so you'd think I'd like winter more!

Penny is cracking me up. She's over on the other couch in a little ball and making weird noises. I had to drag her out earlier and will have to do so again since she hates the cold and wet weather. We're saying she's being moody. See what I mean...

I'm supposed to go to my friend Jerry's birthday celebration tonight - I will have to bundle up and call a cab. I'm not looking forward to going out again in the cold, but I will if there's a party!


Blogger webchyck said...

Hannah was moaning about having to go out to get food this evening. It's hard when you actually have to leave your building to eat! It's cold here, too, but dry. We're expecting teen temps tonight!

December 05, 2009  

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