Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Busy as an elf

I was on a blogging roll and then I go and disappear for a week! Well, in case you missed me, I’ve been pretty busy. I downloaded the Glee soundtracks and that’s really lifted my spirits! Here’s what’s been going on … Will share some photos soon!

Lucia’s Birthday: Betty invited me to a little party at Lucia’s daycare. She just turned 3! The kids had a lot of fun watching a magic act – I especially love Lucia’s little fake sounding laugh. She got to help the magician turn a picture of a rabbit into the real thing and did I ever feel sorry for that bunny! Poor thing had all the crazy little kids poking at its eyes. After that, there were cupcakes and ice cream. Lots o’ fun.

My dad: He’s been in the hospital since last week. He’s had a blood infection and can’t leave until it clears up. They’re also doing tests to figure out some other problems. His uncle was also in the hospital and just passed away today, so I think my dad feels worse about that than his own health. My uncle, who was 87, was a prisoner in Cuba under Castro, and I was always afraid of him as a kid because he was so tall! He was my grandmother’s brother and it’s sad that most of my relatives of that generation are gone and haven’t been able to return to their homeland.

Work: Still making me nuts but I had two days off this week! Last of my vacation, but next year I’m bumped up to 4 weeks!

Karaoke: I sang so many songs on Thursday! I think I’m over my stage fright. There was no one singing, so my friends and I just hogged the mic. I think I sang some Madonna, Pretenders, Beatles, Lisa Loeb and some other stuff. I even had the guts to sing at a reunion on Saturday in front of a huge crowd. (More about that later!)

High school reunion: On Saturday, one of my friends organized a little high school reunion at Sparky’s. Got to see some people I haven’t seen in awhile and met a few people I didn’t know in school. Betty brought along two of her visitors from Spain and they were the life of the party. The bar was so packed. And we had some great karaoke action, too.

Kylie’s Birthday: We celebrated Kylie’s 4th birthday on Sunday with a Spider-Man themed party. My gift – a singing Spidey – was a HUGE hit! She wouldn’t let anyone else see it! She also got some other Spider-Man Toys, Pet Shop and Ariel stuff and clothes (which she called bad!). The kids cracked me up playing Wii boxing and cheating at pin the tail on the donkey. Mom made a Spider-Man cake that came out pretty cool. Kylie’s little pal Noah was so such a cutie. He helped her open gifts and was following her around like a puppy dog. (His dad was a football player in high school who all my friends crushed on!)

New York: On Monday, Randi and I made our annual trip to the tree at Rockefeller Center. We also picked up some great gifts and ornaments. The weather was just right. We stopped at Heartland Brewery for lunch and filled up on appetizers, beer (for me) and homemade soda. Good stuff! I really should make the trip earlier because it really puts me in the Christmas spirit.

Mikey’s Birthday: Another crazy dinner at our friends’ home on Monday night. It involved lots of cursing and knife fighting – but all in good fun, I swear! We had some yummy homemade manicotti and mom made ice cream cake. I can’t believe our little Mikey is 18!

Christmas stuff: I have been catching up with shopping and crafty/scrappy stuff. The Shutterfly books are orderd. My cards are designed after a few complete overhauls and now I need to hustle to print and send those. I’ve got all my gifts purchased – just need a gift for Kylie and books for the girls.
We finally got our tree up! I got most of the decorations up Sunday night and mom’s been slowly filling out the top with the fra-gee-lay stuff that I’m afraid to break.
My to-do list is still pretty long. I need to wrap gifts, pick up some gifts, decorate ornaments and frames, bake cookies and cook for Christmas day. I’m leaving most of that for the weekend.

And I forgot to mention, I also got to see the Princess and the Frog, which was just fabulous. So sweet, touching and funny with lots of throwbacks to old-school Disney films.


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