Monday, December 21, 2009

Glue and flour

I was covered in all that stuff this weekend along with some paint, ink, sugar, eggs. We got snowed in and it was a great time for it! I need to get to work on my Christmas crafts and baking and got most of it done. Penny was a good helper - she ate everything that fell off the floor. I ordered some stuff online to finish up my shopping and now I just hope it gets here on time.

Here's what I made: I printed my cards and decorated the envies with stamps; decorated a canister for Penny's treats; put together some hybrid ornament and pillow boxes; and covered frames and heart shapes in paper - I still need to embellish those.

As for baking, I made chocolate chips, chocolate covered cherries, oatmeal apricot almonds, lace cookies (which don't look very lacy but still taste good), and a few peanut butter cookies (had some dough left in the fridge).

So today, I'm beat and I don't feel like doing anything! I still need to finish up the projects, but I'm not motivated. Instead I've been going through photos, so I'll share some of my adventures from the last week. The photos of decorations and cookies are still on the camera.

Here I am at the high school get together with my friends Monica and Betty.

Here's the cake mom made for Kylie's Birthday. And this is the Spider-Man toy I got her. My sister-in-law tells me Kylie just loves it. Spidey even won a little talent show - the girls held one with their toys! Hee!

And here are some pics from NYC ...

That Red Nose ale was good!

This elf was sining Paul McCartney!

And some nice windows!


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