Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas to me!

The bad thing about Christmas shopping is I end up buying more stuff for myself than for other people! So far I've gotten..
- A pair of Mary Janes (and another pair of shoes that I returned)
- 4 new tops (and a few others I returned)
- A new scarf and gloves
- Several Christmas ornaments
- A bunch of DVDs (I blame Black Friday sales)
- Charlaine Harris books - Grave Secret and A Touch of the Dead (super excited about this one - it's Sookie Stackhouse short stories)
- Star Wars Muppets figurines (that's my Christmas present from Penny and yes I know how old I am)
- Crafty stuff
- New cookie trays
- A bunch of digi kits

And that's all I can think of - I'm sure there's more. D'oh!


Anonymous melissa said...

I do the same thing!!! You are going to love Grave Secret!!!!

December 20, 2009  

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