Saturday, December 26, 2009

Well Christmas is over and I'm so exhausted. It's been raining so much all day that our kitchen ceiling is leaking! It was pretty quiet around here today. We went to see It's Complicated - so funny - and I did some reading and tried to deal with some computer problems. Pretty laid back after the madness of the last few days!

I spent most of the week finishing up my crafts and hoping my orders would get here. The Shutterfly books made it but some books I ordered for the kids did not. I left a lot of stuff for Christmas Eve: wrapping gifts, making stamped gift tags, cooking for Christmas day, printing my calendars and photos to go in frames that I made. But for the first time probably ever, I finished everything on my to-do list! That never happens!!!

Since my dad still isn't feeling well, my brother, his family and I joined my mom and sister for dinner with family friends. There was so much food and booze - as usual. Antipasto, home-made manicotti, pork, potatoes, asparagus, cheesecake. Good stuff. Taylor was a bit moody since she wasn't feeling well. And Bear (that's Mikey's older brother) got along really well with the kids since he gave them money. Always lots of fun and laughs when we're over there.

On Christmas morning, everyone came over to our house for breakfast and presents. Mom made yummy stuffed French toast and Mike made the eggs as usual. Mom and Randi surprised me with a Wii along with Beatles Rock Band (which was on back order). I also got some sweaters, calendars, body wash, socks, Beatles Trivial Pursuit, and a new pair of gloves. Penny got lots of treats. Taylor got a gold locket that she just loved, along with some clothes, games and toys - as did Kylie, who also was happy to get a Spider-Man car. Everyone loved the scrapbooks and calendars, too.

After the Christmas morning chaos, I took a nice little nap. Betty, Fernando and Lucia came to visit. And after that, Mom and I went up to Mike's house for dinner. Mom had to help Taylor put the stickers on her new Barbie boat and we got to see some of the other toys the kids got. We had originally planned to go down to my Aunt Eileen's but the nasty weather and the long drive didn't appeal to us. I had made chicken enchilada casserole and baked zit alfredo to take with us - but we got to have it for dinner instead. After all that, I went to bed pretty early. I was so beat - and still am!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, too!


Blogger Amanda Ann said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful Christmas! <3

December 26, 2009  
Blogger clc said...

Your tree is beautiful! Hope you get the roof fixed quickly!

December 28, 2009  
Blogger Kim Jensen said...

Your last few posts haven't shown up in my reader. Very weird.

Such a pretty tree, and I love your pics from the city! Congrats on getting everything on your list done! Sounds like a terrific holiday over all!

Hope the computer and the roof are both fixed soon!

December 31, 2009  

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