Saturday, January 02, 2010

Crafty stuff!

I finally organized all the photos I've taken of my crafty projects to share. It really is fun to drag out all the paper scrapping stuff and tools I've been accumulating and put them to use! I've had a lot of fun making these.

First here's my Christmas card. It took me a long time to get these done because I just wasn't happy with the design I had going. So I trashed it all and started over with the BOYC December collab from Lily Pad and a few other pieces. I really love the colors, so I was a bit disappointed at the way it printed. I only got one page to print really vibrantly and had a hard time getting the rest to print at all. But I think it still looks cute!

I even stamped my envelopes!

Since I was running behind on my projects, I used these quick pages from the Daily Digi's Scrap and Snap Kit for my covers! The first two are the fronts (one set for Mom and Randi, the other for Vesna and Dad).

And the Shutterfly books arrived just in time for Christmas! Everyone loved them.

I also took the easy route for my calendar this year. I picked up Dani Mogstad's CD Calendar and just plopped in some photos. I use CD insert paper to print them and then just pop them out of the pages. So easy! I have two versions of some pages because I make them for different family members. I also really liked these quick pages because the numbers are big enough. The set I used last year had tiny tiny numbers in a grungy font and I had a hard time reading them.

I used some of Heather Roselli's DIY Printable ornament templates to make these. The box uses elements from Pixel Works and the second is a kit by Gina Miller and Lili Designs. I just love that elf!

I made these hearts to give out as gifts this year. So much fun to make and pretty easy too. I just covered wooden shapes with paper and added some flowers and ribbon.

The frames were a little trickier but still fun to make!

I used Melinda Staley's pillow box template and PixelWorks papers to make these for gift cards. I stole the letters right off my Christmas card and recolored a bit! The turned out a little lumpy, but no one noticed because Kylie stepped on them before I could give them out!

I also decorated my own tags using stamps and markers.

I made this canister for Penny's treats. I've had it sitting around for about a year and finally got around to decorating it. I finally got to use my circle cutter to decorate the top too!

And finally, I ordered all the pages I scrapped from last Christmas from Scrapbook pictures. When I got out my album I noticed Christmas was missing an R! So I had mom help me take off the CH and I added some pieces that I got from Christmas cards to cover up the mistake and make it look even cuter!


Blogger islandmom said...

You were really busy!!! LOVE seeing Daily Digi stuff in use and your album turned out GREAT!!!

January 02, 2010  
Blogger Kim Jensen said...

Wow, look at all that crafty-ness!! So many great, fun projects! Amazing!

I loved my card! Thank you! :D

January 03, 2010  
Blogger Melinda said...

All of your crafty stuff came out great! and I loved getting my card too!

January 03, 2010  

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