Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Three more days

And then I'm off for a week of furlough. And I'm actually excited about that! I really need the break from work so I don't care that I won't be getting paid.

I have been working of my list of stuff to do that week and it's already a mile long. I want to clean up this place, work on some projects, see some movies, hang out with friends....

I hope I can stay motivated to get some of it done. I usually end up being so lazy on my weeks off. But having finished everything on my Christmas list has me ready for the challenge of another list.

I have been a list making fool using Evernote on my computer and iphone. I love lists and I don't lose them or forget them at home this way. I can jot things down at work or when I'm out. If something's not on a list, it never seems to get done. (Although there are a lot of things on my lists that don't get done, too!) There's something about January and the new year that makes me want to do a million things that I don't have time for, so I'm hoping this will help me out a bit!


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