Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Working on the list

I'm still working on that to-do list this week. Glad I put fun stuff on there. Yesterday was mostly a bust, but I did better today! Here's what I've been up to.

Saturday: After shopping and blogging, I worked on a cute little sewing project that I got at Michael's while I was updating Grandma's GPS. Oh, and I saw Up In the Air, which I really loved. Here's the owl I made. It's an ipod case. I know Amanda will be proud of me! :)

Sunday: Went to lunch at Bobby's Burger Palce - where I had an awesome blue cheese burger and shake - and ran into my friend Bonnie from college and her husband. I spent the afternoon scrapping and then hung out with my friends at the Rover's open mic.

Monday: I was so lazy! I slept until almost 1. (Could have something to do with that open mic.) I did do some laundry, but not much else. Then I went to Charrito's for Mexican food with Randi and Aunt Lorraine.

Tuesday: Played Wii, finally got my GPS updated after dealing with Garmin's lousy customer service, stocked up at Shop Rite's Can Can sale, saw Leap Year with Randi (the movie was cute in a cliche kind of way) and then dinner at Sorrentinos. I've been doing some more scrapping and organizing tonight, too.

I really need to stay in tomorrow and cook after all this eating out. I think we may go see Avatar tomorrow. I really am not that interested in it - but I want to see what all the hype is about. I have a feeling the movie won't look as good on my TV.


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