Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is anyone else addicted to Facbook games? First it was Bejeweled, then Fishville, Petville, Zoo World. Maybe it has something to do with the winter blues. I'm so sick of winter. We had a lot of rain yesterday, so most of this snow is gone. It might look nice at first, but the piles of dirty snow everywhere are so ugly! No one scraps photos of that!

Anyway, I've been dealing with some ugly stuff and feeling down. I'm finding out a lot of things and I'm so thankful for my friends who have been there for me. I worked the day shift last week and that really threw me off. I stayed home from work yesterday with a nasty sinus infection and sore throat. I still feel yucky today, but I guess I need to buck up and go in.

Last week, we went to a memorial service for Aunt Nettie and it was really one of the nicest services I've been too. Her grandson was the pastor of the church and her whole family was involved in the service. Nettie, who was 98, is my grandmother's aunt so I really don't know much about that branch of the family.

I was very moved by the stories people shared and even proud of my grandmother who got up and spoke. She talked about how during the Depression years, they would visit Nettie and she always had food for them. One of her grandsons talked about how Nettie met a nurse in the hospital and how a few months later that nurse became his wife. They talked about how she traveled the world, worked hard, organized events, volunteered and gave to charities and loved her family. It was so very sweet.

On Saturday, I cropped with the ladies and a great time. Here are some pages I got done along with a few others...

I finally scrapped Holly's awesome Lollipop Smiles photos from our 80s party with some funky stuff from Studio Gypsy.

I scrapped about my Beatles obsession for the Hodge Podge "B" challenge.

I used Tania's cute my One True Love from Funky Playground for this page. I got Penny a new little toy for Valentine's Day.
This was another toy for Penny. I used one of NeeNee's templates for a playday and Flergs' Estranged kit.
I just love Irene Alexeeva's Cheese Alphas and had to do a page with them.

And here are the girls on Valentine's Day. We went to their house for dinner, brought then a few little presents, played Wii. Good times!


Blogger AmyK said...

I've forbidden myself to play any Bejeweled Blitz this week. I think they lace all those games with crack! And yes, I'm always addicted to one game or another.

I hope your days start brightening up! I love all your cute pages.

February 24, 2010  
Blogger Kim Jensen said...

Cute pages! I hope you're feeling better, both physically and mentally. (((hugs)))

I have never tried any of the games on FB. Maybe if I did, I would get more into the site. I'm trying, but for the most part, I still don't get the appeal. I feel like a social media failure. LOL

February 25, 2010  

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