Thursday, February 04, 2010

Wow, I've sort of neglected my blog since my furlough week ended! I've been pretty exhausted since I've been back at work. I think the crazy mix of hours is really adding to it. My schedule from Monday-Friday looks like this: 4-12, 5-1, 5-1, 12-8 and 1-9. I have been sleeping until 1 or 2 p.m. most days lately. And I never feel like I have time or energy. I'm working on some ideas on getting a routine going.

Here's what I've been up to ...
- Saw Crazy Heart - really great movie. Sort of like the Wrestler, but about a washed up country singer. Really great performance by Jeff Bridges and catchy songs, too.
- Got lost in the new Super Walmart in North Bergen.
- Had a nice long lunch with Betty for her birthday at Charritos.
- Felt sad about Mark Sanchez and the Jets not making it to the Super Bowl after an awesome season.
- Got all anxious about the premier of Lost. Worried about all the unanswered questions. Spent much of yesterday reading Doc Jensen's analysis and chatting with pals about it.
- Found a new show to love: Life Unexpected.
- Playing too much Fishville, Petville, etc. on Facebook.

And of course I did some scrapping so here's a little catch up, including a few that seemed to have slipped through the cracks ...

Here's T's first-grade portrait. She's looking so grown up! I did this page with lots of goodies by Dianne Rigdon. Credits

And I could have sworn I posted this but I can't even seem to find it in my galleries! Well, Penny finally mastered "down" during my week off! I can't tell you how proud I feel. I'm such a sap for my puppy. It only took a year after training, but she gets its now and I had to scrap about it. I did this one for a Hillary Heidelberg play day with a super cute kit by Rosey Posey called Free to Be.

Here are my new Christmas ornaments using a fab template by my pal Tania Shaw. Credits

K has a little crush on Mikey. It's become a big family joke so I had to scrap it. She'll probably kill me over this one someday! PixelWork's Soul on Fire is one of my new favorite kits. Credits

Another one I forgot to post here! My niece's in their dance portraits. And another fab kit by Tania. This is one of my favorite pages lately. Credits

Here's another art journal page. I'm so behind on these! This assigment was about color - so I did a little playing around with a photo of flowers mom had on the table. Credits

Here's another one with Soul on Fire. This is my friend Heather and my friend Dean's arm with some ketchup and some True Blood. Credits

My grandmother's Aunt Nettie recently passed away so I wanted to put together a page to remember her. I used Randi Oh's Oh Shabby and Wendyzine's awesome cluster action that comes with it. Credits
And these were some extra shots from my Christmas card shoot. I heart my puppy. Credits.


Blogger Kim Jensen said...

I've been really tired lately too; no idea why. Hope you get adjusted to your schedule soon.

Totally love all these layouts! I'm especially crazy about all the fun happy colors in the first one, and the dance one is just gorgeous! And, of course, Penny is just pure cuteness! :)

February 06, 2010  

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