Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So it seems I've been MIA again! I just realized today that I haven't scrapped all month and I actually got two pages done! My work hours are still pretty crazy - day shifts, mid shifts, late shifts - mixed up with a whole new set of early deadlines. The presses at our newspaper have been shut down and our paper is now being printed in New Jersey. So it's pretty hectic trying to get things done quickly.

The good news is I have to just get through work tomorrow and then I'm off until Monday! I could really use a break. We've had a lot of rain and nasty weather lately, so I hope it will start to get nicer and maybe that will help my cranky mood.

March has been slow, but it's about to get crazy! We had the Rover's St. Patrick's Day party on Saturday followed by the Bad Parts show there on Sunday. This weekend, I'm heading to Atlantic City with a bunch of friends for Beer Fest. I've got plans just about every weekend through April: a birthday party, a little baby shower lunch for Vez, Taylor's birthday, Easter, a possible trip to DC.

Some sad news: My camera broke on me at the Rover party! I was taking pictures of everyone to make a new poster. The button fell off somehow! It was there one second and gone the next! I think I'm going to have to get a new one.

Well, since I haven't been scrapping, I've been goofing off on Facebook. Here's my pet, Buster!

And I've been streaming movies from Netflix on my computer to cut down my movie list. That's when I noticed I have connection to Hugh Jackman! The carriage driver in this scene from Kate & Leopold is my mom's cousin's husband Neil. He owns a horse carriage company in NYC and has been in a bunch of movies, but I guess he stood out this time since I just saw him recently and he had some lines.

Now on to some scrapping catch up.....

Here's a simple little page I did tonight for the Hodge Podge "C" challenge. Credits

And one I finally finished up today using some of Dianne Rigdon's designs to feature Penny's toys. Credits
This was another Hodge Podge challenge about your first job and this page is about my first real job at a paper. Credits
And here is some art journaling about the winter weather and blues. Credits


Blogger Kim Jensen said...

Sounds like you've got some busy times ahead! Wonderful layouts! I love the title work on the newspaper one, and the Cabana one just makes me smile! :D

Very cool about your relative in the movie! It's funny, one of my SIL's ex-husband's employees was a barely noticeable very minor extra in True Lies, and now since I "know" him (having spent one day with him umpteen years ago), he jumps out at me every time I watch that movie. LOL

March 17, 2010  
Blogger jessica said...

Those are some wonderful layouts, Robin! Ditto what Kim said... really love the alphas/title work in the "read all about it" layout!

March 20, 2010  

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