Sunday, May 09, 2010

Babies, weddings and other stuff!

I really am a terrible blogger lately. Well, let me try to recap the last few weeks. ...

My family welcomed my new little nephew Derek on April 27. He's a little cutie pie and it seems there are lot of relatives around all the time fighting over who gets to hold him. Including his sisters!

On May 1, my good friend Stephanie got married. She has a small but really sweet party in the yard of our friends' house.

Work has been pretty exhausting. I've had weird day shifts, long nights on page one with crazy news stories.

The spring weather here has been mostly nice, but allergies have been making me nuts! I finally got a neti pot and a Vicks waterless vaporizer and they've really helped me feel better. I've been doing research on food that can help fight allergies so I stocked up this weekend on stuff like tomatoes, nuts and apples.

And it's been two years since I found my little pug on Mother's Day. I celebrate her "birthday" as the day we found her, May 11. I'm going to spoil her rotten!

We had a fun Mother's Day today. We went over to my brother's and I made some new recipes that everyone loved. After we ate, we all played Band Hero and it was absolutely hilarious! I mean, I've been playing Guitar Hero for awhile and I can get through a song, but no one else really could until we set the instruments to beginner. I spare you on how bad the singing was. And now I have a Taylor Swift song stuck in my head.

I've been doing some scrapping - not as much as I'd like - but some! So I'll have to catch up on pages soon. But here's one for now - my first Derek page!

I used a kit by Mary Fran, who's one of my favorite people in digi scrapping and the SBG guest this month! Credits


Blogger Kim Jensen said...

Terrific photos and such a cute layout! Derek is adorable! Happy birthday to Penny tomorrow! Hope your allergies ease up soon!

May 10, 2010  
Blogger CathyRose said...

Oh Robin, he is so precious and the page is beautiful. That picture of Penny is adorable too. My allergies are driving me nuts too.

May 11, 2010  

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