Saturday, June 26, 2010


Happy Saturday! I just had an awesome pancake breakfast with my sister at a place called Stacks. Mmmm, pancakes. It's nice when I can get up and get some stuff done early once in awhile, especially when there's breakfast involved!

I am looking forward to these next two weeks. I'm working the day shift! Woohoo! I'm not always crazy about getting up early, but I like the pace and the features pages so much better than my usual work.

Not much else up here. Just work, hanging out with the usual suspects, enjoying the summer weather, watching vampires (True Blood!) and cooking shows (Food Network, Top Chef). I just got FIOS but there's still nothing to watch. I'm watching Scooby Doo right now.

Tonight we're going to dinner with Grandma. It's her 79th birthday!

Last week was the crop and I got a bunch of pages done while I had fun with the girls.

The girlies at their recital. Kylie did so much better this year. (Last year, she stood on the stage and sucked her thumb.) At one point she wiped out on the stage, but she just got right back and into it. All the little kids sing during the show and Kylie was the loudest. Her tap dance was "I've Got No Strings" and her ballet number was "It's A Jolly Holiday With Mary." Taylor was in three dances this year - a Cinderella medley ballet, "Be Our Guest" for tap and "Cruella DeVille" for hiphop. It was a Disney show so I like the little Mickey I made out of a button and some doodles! Credits

Here is Kylie and her little bro. She loves having a brother. Credits

Kylie was showing off on the big girl swing. She wanted us all to see and she asked "Aren't you so proud of me?" She's so funny! Credits

Here's one I did about what a cool kid Kylie is. She really only likes to pose if she's doing something crazy. Credits

Here's one of the pups. I gave them treats and they ran to their separate corners. Credits

Mom found these 8-tracks - some of my favorite music as a kid - when she cleared out the entertainment center. So I had to take a picture. I scraplifted one of Tania's pages for this one. Credits

Here's a recap of my vacation week. I had some crappy photos in the mix so I played around in Lightroom so I could hide some of that! Credits


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