Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Back on days

I'm halfway through another week of day shifts. And I'm so exhausted! I was in bed by 10 pm last night and I don't know how I'm still up tonight! It might have something to do with Craig Ferguson on Shark Week or Top Chef.

I have so many layouts to catch up on - I went to a crop two weeks ago and I still haven't finished posting them all in the galleries. My weekends have been pretty crazy but fun. Besides the crop, there was Patti's spa party, the Evil Eye Panda's show (a friend's band), birthday parties or dinners for friends and my brother, farmer's markets, movies, shopping, etc. So much fun stuff!

Hopefully, I'll catch up on my sleep and my posting soon!


Blogger Kim Jensen said...

Glad it's a good type of busy! Sounds like lots of fun!

August 05, 2010  

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