Saturday, October 02, 2010

Derek's baptism and Saturday night crafts

Derek's baptism was last weekend and the ceremony was a bit weird. The other family that was supposed to be there didn't show up. The parents and godparents (and big sisters) were seated in the front row where the priest mumbled through the ceremony. He had us get up a few times for different things. Would have been easier - and everyone could have watched - if we stood up in front or something. And at the end, the priest just said, "Ok, we're done." At least Derek was good - he was smiling and laughing through the whole thing - even when he had water poured over his head.

When we have big events in my family and I have to take part in them, I end up with no or lousy photos. My sister took a bunch, but she didn't know how to adjust the camera for the church lighting so I didn't get too many nice shots.

Aren't my nieces looking so big!!!

And here's the boy of honor - knocked out in his stroller at the lunch after the ceremony. The lunch was in a restaurant and we took up three tables set up in a line. It was hard to talk to anyone on the other side of the room - so my sister and I texted our cousins on the other side of the room to gossip. It was a weird day. Plus I wore a dress, which makes it even weirder!

Today, I ran some errands and hung out with the doggies. I used treats to get them to pose for me.

Here's my handsome buddy Rocky.

And this photo cracked me up because Rocky had lost interest and was creeping around in my mom's flower bed.

Penny was begging for more treats. They were on the table. She always looks so super cute when she's being rotten!

Tonight I wanted to finish up some frames that I making for my friends who are expecting babies. Check out my craft space - a corner of our dining room table. The rest of the table is my mom's mess!

Here's what the dogs were doing while I worked...

And here are the finished frames. I really like the purple one, which is for my friend Steph who's having a girl. The one with the star is going to my friend Zinnia, who's having a boy. And I'm not sure who's getting the sheep.


Blogger jessica said...

I've never been to a baptism, but that does sound like it was a bit weird.

Great pics of the doggies! They're so cute! :D

And wonderful frames, too. Ah, reminds me I should go ahead and get started on some Christmas gifts before its too late. ;oP

October 03, 2010  

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