Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy haunting

I am really looking forward to Halloween this weekend! I've got my costume mostly ready for the party this weekend at the Rover and I've been driving some people crazy with the secret! I need to get myself to the store today or tomorrow to find a magnifying glass. Since Halloween is on Sunday, I hope I get to see my nieces and nephew dressed up. Taylor is going to be a vampire cheerleader, Kylie is going to be Super Mario and Derek is following in the family tradition and being Tigger. Penny's going to be a witch.

I tried carving pumpkins a few weeks ago for the first time and made a big old mess, but I think they turned out cute. The big one is long gone, but I put the little one outside the house since it's still in good shape.

And I'm going to try to check out some of the fun this weekend at The Lily Pad.

Now if I can just avoid candy, this is going to be a great weekend!


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