Saturday, October 23, 2010

My new hereos

I think it's pretty sad that even today in 2010 there aren't many women action heroes in movies. I can't remember seeing many movies lately in which the women really kicked ass other than Kill Bill or Charlies Angels. Maybe in Harry Potter (how about that Mrs. Weasley in the last book!), Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the Incredibles. Wonder Women or Xena? Even the women in Heroes on TV or the X Men movies were pretty wussy.

So this week, I saw two movies with the most bad ass chicks I've seen.

Last night I watched Kick Ass from Netflix and while it's disturbing to see a little girl curse and kill people, Hit Girl was pretty freakin' cool! She is tougher than any of the guys and her purple costume is awesome. Don't let the kids watch this one!

And I also saw Reds, which is probably one of my favorite movies I've seen all year. I'm not even usually a big fan of action movies, but this one had such a great cast and it's so funny. And Helen Mirren is awesome!!! I mean, this is the same lady who won an Oscar for playing the queen of England. She is pretty great with a machine gun! Don't mess with her.

If you can think of any kick ass women for my list let me know!


Blogger Kim Jensen said...

I hadn't heard of either of those movies. You named all the strong female characters I could think of. I'm sure there must be more out there though. If not, there needs to be!

October 23, 2010  

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