Saturday, October 30, 2010

October Vacation

I had some time off from work so I decided to do a weeklong Project 9 and take photos every day. Here's how my week went!


I got to hang out with Melissa and some of the other girls at our monthly crop. I brought along my scanner to scan some photos of Derek - but didn't scrap any of them! Did get a bunch of pages done though.

Vez hosted a Lia Sophia jewelery party and I treated myself to a few necklaces and a pair of earings. I had fun hanging out with this little guy - even if he's a Cowboys fan and even though he threw up on me! Gross! Some of the other ladies brought their little babies - all boys - and Derek was as big or bigger than all of them even though he's much younger. He's about 6 months now.

Randi and I went into NYC and had an early dinner at Schnipper's. This place has great burgers and shakes - I had the salted caramel shake. We shared some sloppy joe fries and mac and cheese.

Then to work some of that off we walked down to Chelsea Market, which looked pretty much just like it did last fall when I went there with Tara, Amy, Amanda, Haley & Chris.

A nice little posh bakery had these cute cookies. The prices were crazy and the place smelled like someone spilled bleach all over the place. Make it pretty easy to resist sweets when a place stinks!

Next door was this super cute brownie shop called Fat Witch. They make a Wicked-inspired brownie that was just awesome. Mint chocolate chips and green glittery sugar on top. Yum!


Tuesday was Randi's 30th birthday! So we celebrated with a bunch of friends at Tapas.

On Wednesday, I was a bum. But I unpacked the new EHD I got the day before! It's got 2TB and cost just $100 at Best Buy. My computer has been groaning since it's running out of memory and the two other EHDs I have are running out of space so it was time for something more roomy!


On Thursday, Randi and I went to New Brunswick to see Craig Ferguson!!!

We had dinner at Stuff Yer Face - a New Brunswick institution where the menu is mostly bolis. It was featured on Man vs. Food! And we stopped at the bookstore and a few other shops to check out the Rutgers gear. Since RU has gotten better at football, the stuff has gotten so much cooler! We both got new t-shirts.

Then it was off to see one of my favorite comedians. I really love his show and book so it was awesome to see Craig live. He's even crazier in person. We had pretty good seats up in the balcony.

Friday was another lazy day. I worked on some crafty stuff. I think I watched some movies. I don't even remember!


I went to see my nieces play soccer. You can really see how different the girls are on the field. T was happy doing cartwheels on the sidelines, while Kylie looked like Rambo and played tough. She had scored 7 goals the week before!

Then I finished up a little project! I love these little bears. They are another American Girl project.

Sunday was another lazy day. I forgot all about taking photos until I was at the Rover for open mic and I snapped this one.


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