Monday, November 01, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This year Halloween - well actually the day before - was so much fun! I was a zombie all day after Halloween, and as you'll read on you'll probably figure out why!

I took Penny to a dog party at a little park in Weehawken and I was surprised that she was pretty good! She was a little whiney, but that was because I didn't want to let her off the leash. She can get nasty so I kept her close.

She mostly sniffed while the other pups played!

Some of the doggies were so cute!

This is Beatrice, the dog of my friend Barb, who I know from my RAKScraps days. She lives in WNY too and she recognized me at the party! It was nice to finally meet her.

Then later on I went to the party at the Rover and I wore my favorite costume ever. I was Velma from Scooby Doo! I love Velma - maybe because she's a nerd and well I kinda look like her!

And I can wear this costume to work! Here are some of my favorite costumes from the party! :)

And I took a lot of funny/inappropriate photos of Scooby hanging out at the party. You can see them here.

We only had a few trick-or-treaters on Sunday. I spent most of the day in my pjs, played in some of the games over at the Lily Pad and started Catching Fire, the sequel to the Hunger Games. Penny, Scooby and I needed a day to recover!

Hope you had a fun Halloween, too!


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