Saturday, December 18, 2010

It feels like Christmas!

I'm in such a great mood when I'm not at work! Yesterday, I was stressing out and feeling the bah humbugs, but today's much better. I'm watching A Year Without Christmas (... I'm Mister Cold Miser... Love that song!) and I just took some cute Christmas photos of Penny. I took a walk on Bergenline with Mom and finished up my Christmas shopping - which was pretty easy this year since I only got gifts for the kids. Now I just need to wrap stuff up and then maybe I'll work on some crafts.

I have been taking a ton of photos lately - with the new and old camera. I probably should break this up into a week's worth of posts but I'm wrapping it all up at once. So here are some of my adventures in the last week.

Karaoke All Stars...

Here I am with some of the gang from karaoke. I let my friend take over the camera. We've been having such a blast these past few weeks and we all try to see who can out do each other or ham it up the most.

Christmas time in the city....

Randi and I made our traditional trip to the city and we did a few new things this year.

I just loved these crazy windows at Bergdorf Goodman's!

Barney's had a great display ripping on the Food Network and celebrity chefs.

The Le Parker Meredian hotel had a cool ginger bread display with scenes from different New York movies like Westside Story.

And Ghostbusters! I wish my little buddy Haley was with me to see these!

Here's one from Big

Night at the Museum
And King Kong
My sister and I loved this store called Pyrones. They had all kinds of funky stuff.

Here's the Rockefeller tree.

We walked down to Grand Central Station and saw this train display.

Then had some cider at Bryant Park. We usually find some gifts at the holiday booths there but ended up saving money!

Kylie's birthday
Kylie just turned 5! She had her party at Chuck E. Cheese. She was so excited. I think Chuck E. is a creep!

She doesn't like having her picture taken! Or having Happy Birthday sung to her. She takes after me!
And here's her little brother hamming it up!

Baking with Randi...
We made cookies and Randi made some yummy Cuban food for dinner. While she was doing that, I played with my new camera. Here are some of her decorations.

I bought this cute Peanuts village for her - I think it's the first time she put it up.

My handsome buddy!

She also has a cute Mickey's Christmas Carol village.

Christmas at home....

And here are some of my new ornaments...

I had to get this paper because of the owls!
Penny got a new dress for Christmas. Doesn't she look thrilled!
She likes her other present much better!


Blogger Amanda Ann said...

Haley LOVES that gingerbread house!!

I love the owl paper and the minion ornament :)

December 20, 2010  

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