Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Merry Christmas to me!

I have been dreaming of DSLR for years and I finally caved and got myself one! I can't really afford it - but I think it's a good investment. I found a Cyber Monday deal for a digital Rebel on Amazon. Then two days later, when I went to check on the shipping I found out Amazon had it for $40 cheaper. Cyber Monday is such a scam! I canceled, reordered at the cheaper price and it arrived today!

So after letting the battery charge a bit, I had to play. Here are some photos! I love this thing already.

Here's Penny posing.
I can't get over the detail - all the texture of Penny's nose!

Some flowers ...

I took a lot of photos of my Christmas ornaments and here are some of my faves!


Anonymous Tania said...

Yay Robin!!! I'm so excited for you! That is GREAT! Love the photos.

December 09, 2010  

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