Saturday, January 29, 2011

Beers, football, crafts and good -byes

Last weekend, I thought I'd take a lot of photos and do a recap since I keep reading about "A Year of Weekends." Of course, I didn't get around to blogging all week - I blame the snow! So here's what I did...

Here I am in the snow... We had some more starting Thursday night. It was clear by the time I went to work Friday.

I spent most of Saturday putting together a memorial booklet for Aunt Clara. She was my grandmother's aunt and she passed away at age 98. She was the oldest resident of Weehawken and got to get the grand marshal in the town's anniversary parade. I didn't really know her, but Grandma spent a lot of time helping her these last few years.
Sadly, putting together this booklet was a disaster. I kept finding errors - the worst of which I found after printing 50 pages! It was causing me too much stress so I handed it off to my mom, who finished up the printing.

Well after that, I needed a break, so Randi and I and some friends to check out a new local brewery, New Jersey Beer Company. They let us try the different brews and then we had a few more. Randi's not even a beer fan, but she like their pale ale. I pretty much liked them all, especially the stout.

The brewery was pretty much an old factory with a little bar and some seats. It looked like a musty basement rec room. But I knew everyone in the place because a bunch of my Rover pals were there, too. I was bummed that they didn't have any growlers left to take home.

After that, we went to a New-Orleans inspired restaurant in Hoboken called Oddfellows.

We had some really good hangar steak brushcetta and crab cakes for appetizers. I had chicken ettouffee, which was pretty great, and Randi had the fried chicken, which was even better. She and Brian were very bickery so I took a picture of her pretending to stab him.

I stayed home Saturday night, watched some Doctor Who on Netflix and worked on decorating a frame. I used some rub ons from Little Yellow Bicycle to dress up a frame I keep on my desk at work.
On Sunday, we went to the wake for Aunt Clara and tried to figure out how we were related to people there who we've never seen before. Then I spent the rest of the day at Randi's watching football, catching up on my Entertainment Weekly magazines and eating lots of good food. We had ribs, Kobe beef, spinach dip, buffalo wings, french onion soup. It was all so good. I think I like football a lot more when I hang around with foodies!

Here was the first game. Green Bay (go Amy!) and the Bears.

Seriously, this was the best soup ever. Three kinds of cheese on there. Yum!

We were really bummed that Jets lost and won't be going to the Super Bowl. But it was nice to see the Empire State Building in Jets colors.

And of course, one of my favorite things about going to my sister's is seeing my buddy Rocky. He hasn't been over much lately and I miss him!


Anonymous melissa said...

so sorry about Aunt Clara. She had a nice long life, though. I love your hat!!!

January 30, 2011  
Blogger Kim Jensen said...

Sounds like you've been busy! So sweet of you to do the memorial booklet. Sorry it was so frustrating for you though. Still love the owl hat... so fun!

January 30, 2011  

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