Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Oscar recap...

I was tempted to update my facebook status through the Oscars, but that's annoying. So I saved all my snarky comments for my blog. I'm a little bummed that Anne Hathway and James Franco are lame hosts, but I'm glad some of my faves won. Here's my recap...

- Melissa Leo, just because Russell Brand is presenting, this is not the MTV VMAs. Please don't curse at the Oscars!
- Kirk Douglas should make a film with Betty White.
- There was a really sappy commercial for cat food. A guy built a room for a cat and proposed to girl. I need to meet someone who would build a room for Penny.
- I thought Night & Day would win Best Animated Short, because it was before Toy Story. I like Jake Gyllenhall's comments: See short films and increase your Oscar pool chances!
- Yay Christian Bale! So weird to hear him speak in his own accent. He definitely doesn't sounds like Batman.
- Why did Anne Hathaway need to sing that ode to Hugh Jackman? At least James Franco looked funny in a dress.
- When I think of Social Network, it's not for the score. Trent Reznor winning an Oscar -> weird.
- Zack Levi from Chuck is singing with Mandy Moore. Songs from cartoons always look out of place on the stage. (Except for Randy Newman's songs)
- All these lines sound like someone on FB wrote them. "Congrats nerds." "That's gross."
- Randy Newman and the King's Speech writers gave my favorite speeches.
- I like the auto tune clip better than the song performances.
- The death reel made me cry because I can't stand Celine Dion!
- Too bad they didn't bring back Billy Crystal and Bob Hope to host for real.
- Glad to see Inception winning technical awards. I loved that movie.
- Best director goes to the King's Speech director Tom Hooper.... I thought Fincher had it in the bag for Social Network. I didn't pay attention to the speech because I was playing bejeweled d'oh!
- I always like the Thalberg award presentation - too bad that got cut out.
- Sooooooo glad they got rid of the 5 actors presenting the other actors. I want to see clips! I guess it's not so bad having Jeff Bridges making these comments.
- I did not recognize Michelle Williams. Nice hair cut.
- Congrats Natalie Portman! That dress is lovely!
- Maybe Sandra Bullock should host the Oscars? She's funny.
- And the Oscar goes to Colin Firth!!!!! Yay! Good night for two of my favorite British actors!
- I wonder how my times Anne Hathaway "whooo"-ed during the show?
- I like this best picture montage. I've seen all these movies!
- And the King's Speech beats the Facebook movie!!! And it's only 11:36.
- These kids singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow are kinda cute. Nice to see all the winners on stage. And there's one last whooo from Anne.

I'm done talking about movies for now! Even if you didn't watch the Oscar or don't care about them, I'll leave you with one of my favorite stories from the awards season. It's about a former actress who became a nun, but is still a member of the Academy. It's got a great headline: Mother Dolores Hart: The Nun Who Kissed Elvis


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