Monday, February 07, 2011

Singing Idiots

I don't know how I even have a voice left after last week and three nights of karaoke. I hung out with some friends at Good Life on Wednesday, the Rover on Thursday and Charlie's on Saturday. I also learned that my Corolla fits seven people. Don't want to test that again. I need to remember when telling people I will drive, I need to count myself in that number! (My stomach has been bothering me so I was drinking soda - no beer - for anyone who might be worried.) All that fun and I didn't take any photos!

I also did some shopping with my sister on Saturday. It was a rainy, nasty kind of day so we went to Newport Center mall in Jersey City. That mall used to be kind of scary when we were younger, but since the area's gotten a lot nicer, the mall is more posh now. I got a new wallet and messenger bag since the purse I use the most was getting kind of frayed and shabby. Check out my foxy new wallet...

I didn't see much of the Super Bowl - just the very beginning and the very end. I did see this commercial that I loved! Go pugs!!!

I didn't watch the game because I went to see American Idiot on Broadway with my friends Heather and Jaime!

I love Green Day so it was fun to watch. There wasn't much of a plot - it seems like they took a bunch of songs and tried to put some story in there there. But the singing and dancing were incredible. Melissa Etheridge played the role of St. Jimmy (which Billy Joe Armstrong is taking over next week) so that was kinda of weird but cool. I wouldn't recommend the show to everyone - my mom and grandma should probably skip it - but I liked it.

I'm off all week on furlough again. Even though it sucks that I'm not getting paid, but I don't care. I need the time off to rest my brain and get some stuff done around here. I made some doctor's appointments and a big to-do list. Penny's going to the groomer tomorrow. My friends' band is playing on Friday. Crop on Saturday. I dvr'd a Jane Austen marathon on PBS. I'm working on The Girl Who Played With Fire. All that should keep me busy. Plus, there's always karaoke.


Blogger Kim Jensen said...

Adorable wallet! Seems like there should be some fable with a fox and an owl that you could act out. LOL

Hope you enjoy your week!

February 09, 2011  
Blogger Amanda Ann said...

You saw American Idiot?!?!? I am so freaking jealous of you!!! <3<3

February 11, 2011  

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