Monday, June 27, 2011

Grandma's 80. Seriously

On Sunday, my Grandma turned 80 years old. And really, I think she could pass for 60! My Grandma is really one of the most amazing people I know. She retired from her job, but still works in the schools and at an after-care program. She still shovels the snow outside her house. She takes care of her older aunts. She grew up in the Depression and I think she has finally gotten out of the habit of storing little bits of string or other things you wouldn't throw out back then. She raised six kids and now she like to play with her great-grandchildren and even great-granddogs. She's done a lot of traveling and has been to almost every state in the U.S. She fought breast cancer and won more than 15 years ago. She's a great baker. She writes letters to the editor or to her representatives when she's thinks there's a problem that needs taking care of. She's a volunteer. She has a long list of people to whom she sends birthday cards. She goes to the hairdresser just about every Saturday and to church every Sunday. And my cousins and I were remarking how she's getting kind of snarky and telling us some surprising stories now that she's getting older. I could go on and on.

For her birthday, we had a big party at my uncle's girlfriend's house. She's got a great big yard and a pool, which kept the kids busy. Grandma knew we were having a party, but didn't know who was coming - her son who lives in Massachusetts, along with two of his grandkids, some old family friends and almost all of her nieces and nephews, in addition to the rest of her children and most of the grandchildren and great-kiddos.

I didn't know what to get Grandma, so I made her a page based on an idea I found on Pinterest and she really loved it. It was being passed around the party before she could even get a good look at it!

Here are some pics...

Grandma opening her gift.

See what I mean ... she doesn't look 80!

Time for blowing out candles.

Here's Grandma with the grandkids who were still there when we were taking photos.

Getting a photo with the youngest generation was a bit more challenging.

And Grandma dared Diane, a good family friend, to jump in the pool - and she did!

Derek woke up from his nap as soon as he heard Happy Birthday and started clapping.

I really am so lucky to have my Grandma in my life and I'm so glad she had a great day. I know because she's also the kind of person who sends thanks you notes and emails and makes thank you calls the next day.


Blogger Kim Jensen said...

Looks like a wonderful celebration! She sounds like a fabulous woman. Happy belated birthday to her!

June 28, 2011  

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