Sunday, August 21, 2011

Glory Days

I saw two of my good friends play with a band called Senior Moment yesterday. They played about 30 songs at a little poolside block party. Lots of classic rock covers. I thought they were pretty good, especially since my friend Dean's only been practicing with the band for a few weeks. I recorded two of their Springsteen covers. That's Dean singing lead and Jaime on bass.

Here's Glory Days...

And one of my favorite songs, Rosalita...

The weather was nice yesterday - after a week of nothing but clouds and rain. And I got to ride down the turnpike in a convertible listening to some good music. A good start to my week off!

The only bad thing was my point and shoot fell into a puddle and was covered in water. I have it drying in some rice... I really hope it recovers!


Blogger Kim Jensen said...

How fun! I can't remember the last time I saw a live band (not including Matthew's school band, as sax scales are currently coming from his room LOL).

August 25, 2011  

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