Thursday, September 22, 2011

The last days of Pine Valley

I've been a sobbing fool this week watching the last episodes of All My Children. Although I haven't watched regularly in the last few years, I was sad to hear the show and my other favorite soap One Live to Live and being canceled.

I used to make fun of soaps, when my sister and my old roommate used to watch. But soon, I was the one updating them on who Erica Kane was married to lately. I've been watching on and off since 1994. I've been through a lot with this show.

I added AMC to my DVR schedule when the guest stars started coming back - Josh Duhamel, Carol Burnette, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Eva La Rue - along with the return of some old regulars - like Dixie, Zack, Adam, Brooke, Jamie, Babe, Joe & Ruth.

And I am totally caught up in the unbelievable ability of Dr. David Hayward to bring people back to life. It's so perfectly soapy and convenient!  I was cheering out loud when they revealed who his latest patient was. I really hope they all get happy endings, especially David and one of my other favorite troubled characters, JR Chandler. I hear the shows will be continuing online, but I don't think it will be the same, especially since Susan Lucci hasn't agreed to appear.

So after the last episode tomorrow, I guess I'll switch over to Llanview and see what trouble Todd Manning is up to.


Blogger Kim Jensen said...

AMC is the only soap I ever watched. I was a freshman or sophomore in high school when they were advertising Greg & Jenny's prom, and I got sucked in. :) I haven't watched it in a few years, but it's still going to seem odd that it won't be on anymore.

October 02, 2011  

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