Thursday, November 03, 2011

I Am Hit Girl

My first week at the new job has been going well! I've been getting up at 6:30 and getting to work on time, despite a few traffic snafus. I was so tired on Tuesday night that I went to bed without dinner on Tuesday and slept 10 hours!

The computer system I'm learning is very different from Quark, so it's like learning a new language, but I'm getting there. One of the women in training with me is always asking for help, so I think being able to assist her is a sign that things are sinking in.

On the downside, I am falling really behind on my TV shows (mom hogs the tv!) and I don't think I'll be going to karaoke any time soon. And I got pulled over for speeding, but the trooper, who was really mean to me, gave me a lesser ticket.

But there are some nice perks! My new boss threw a mandatory root beer float party yesterday! That was fun and we got to meet some more of our co-workers. And my job is right next to an outlet mall so I had some retail therapy yesterday. Need new clothes for the new job, right?

Another good thing about getting home early and being bored while my mom hogs the TV: Time to scrap!  Mom did help me make my Halloween costume. I was Hit Girl from the movie KickAss. Don't look her up if you are easily offended! My skirt is an awesome plaid flannel fabric and I plan on working it into my wardrobe!

 Here I am on Halloween! :)  Credits: A Hopping HallOween by the Lily Pad and O Scraps designers, Jacque Larsen's My Super Herione and Paper Dolls, Penny Springman's I Am wordstrip

Here's a page about leaving my job. Credits: Amy Wolff's 7 p.m. papers, 7:30 pm elements, One Fine Day tag, Recovery clip, Jot It Down cards, Wicked Smart owl from Lily Pad, Micheline Martin's Junk Mail Alphas from Lily Pad


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I <3 your Halloween costume!!! :P

November 11, 2011  

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