Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I'm on furlough this week and I really don't mind losing a week's pay! The time off is worth it! Plus, I'm saving a lot of money on gas and tolls to make it even better!

My week hasn't been very exciting. I took Penny to the vet and the groomer. I went to the doctor to see about getting rid of this stupid cold and ear infections. I've done lots of cooking, too.

So while I'm staying home and trying not to spend money, I'm trying to finish stuff up! I got through a pile of magazine, watched my Netflix movies, rooted through some old clothes, use stuff in the pantry.  And my big goal for the week is to work on my crafty projects!

I have already finished two big projects - my Comic Con and December Daily albums - and ordered prints from Persnicketty Prints. I'll just need to assemble them and hybrid them up a bit! I also really want to finish up some of my frame projects - they have been a work in progress for months now.

Here are the last few pages on the Artists Alley, Decor, Star Wars & Doctor Who stuff and cosplay.


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Neat montage.

January 25, 2012  

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