Sunday, January 01, 2012

Merry December!

I know it's January 1, but I never got around to recapping my December!  So here's a rundown on my very merry month!

 My little pug ornament is the best ornament ever!

 My co-worker brought in this little tree for our work area. I added the "snow."

 I got to hang out with my friends and celebrate some birthdays at the Rover.

 I visited Randi's place to see her real tree and take some pictures. This is my fave!

 Then we went to NYC for our annual trip to see the tree.

 We went to the market place at Bryant Park were we saw lots of cool gifts and these awesome Star Wars figures. They also had great food and we tried lots of stuff: apple cider, waffles with a gingerbread spread, dumplings, grits with cheese.

 A new polar bear for my tree!

 Randi was going to Florida for Christmas so we had a little celebration at her house before Christmas.  She gave the girls their gifts and I gave Kylie her birthday presents since I hadn't seen her.

 Derek loves his new Super Grover.
 And here's what I got Kylie for her 6th birthday. She though it was so cool!

 We got to talk with Karran via Skype at karaoke. It was 4 am in the UK! It was an awesome karaoke night - with lots of good friends coming out the Thursday before Christmas. I even managed to stay awake and stay out long enough to sing some songs! I miss karaoke night - and my friends - so much!

 My super cute stocking stuffers!

 Rocky spent Christmas with us.

 On Christmas Eve, mom and I got up early and picked up a few things at Target. Then I spent the rest of the day baking cookies (chocolate chips, apricot almond chews and peppermint kiss sugar cookies), cooking (chicken enchilada casserole) and wrapping gifts while mom set up her nativity and angels.

 I went to my brother's house on Christmas Eve. Dad brought some Cuban food and the kids opened gifts.

 I played Hedbandz with Taylor and Kylie. So much fun!

 Grandma, Aunt Lorraine, Aunt Joanie and Corinne came over Christmas morning for breakfast. Mom made eggs, bacon, cinnamon buns and french toast.

 Then I tried to take pictures of mom with the granddogs!

 Mom and I went to my brother's house for Christmas dinner and more gift giving. Derek got these drums from Santa and they were a big hit. Taylor got an iPod touch (lucky!!!!), and Kylie got a new DS - but she wanted Taylor's iPod. I gave the kids books and small toys on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve, D got two t-shirts, including one with Buzz & Woody, and the girls got clothes for their American Girl dolls. (Kylie went to buy her doll on Monday.)

 Here they are hamming it up!
 I also finally got to meet the kids' baby cousin Glenn. He is a cute and quiet little guy! Derek wanted to play football with him!

And I got some squishy hugs from the girls! I also got a picture frame and some food for Penny from mom, a doggie frame and a George Harrison book from the kids, my cute Kermit ornament and an owl lip gloss from Randi, and money from my grandma and dad, which I used to buy a Nook tablet! I didn't really want anything, but these gifts were all pretty awesome! I also bought myself a light saber lip gloss, some gloves, a calendar. I always like to get myself a few things to make sure I get things I like! But spending time with my family and friends is really what it's all about! They make my life so great and I'm so thankful to have them!


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January 02, 2012  
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Looks like a wonderfully fun month! Here's to a fabulous 2012! :)

January 07, 2012  

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