Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Scrapbook Roundup

I've been slacking on sharing my pages! I have been a scrapping fool this year!

 My nieces playing soccer! Credits: Misty Cato's Side by Side Soccer template from Sweet Shoppe; Michelle Godin's Varsity Chip alpha; Gina Miller's Soccer Buddy from Lily Pad; Kate Hadfield's Beautiful Game from Lily Pad; Various papers by Amy Wolff, Lauren Grier, Jennifer Barrette, Amanda Rockwell, Ashley Olson, Amy Martin, Aja Abney

 Some more pages from Grandma's Party. The little guys playing on the swings. My cousin's son Morgan is a year older than Derek - so that can give you an idea of how big my nephew is! Credits: Amy Wolff's Seasons of Love Papers, Skitchy Sketch Alpha 3; Kim Jensen's Bloomin Sweet; Jenna Desai's Scrap Essentials No. 4; Amber Clegg's Lovin' Life Trims all from the Lily Pad. Template from Studio Sahlin's blog.

 The kids spent most of the party in the pool. Credits: Amber Clegg's Glitter Sparkle Alpha and Lovin Life Trims from the Lily Pad; Gina Miller's Whimsy Love Papers and Flowers from the Lily Pad; Jenna Desai's Scrap Essentials No. 4 from the Lily Pad; Janet Phillips' 2 Page 2 Pack No. 6

 Here is Penny with her "DFF" Misty! Credits; Emily Merritt and Laura Banasaik's XOXO from Lily Pad; Amy Martin's January 2012 challenge template from Lily Pad

My pups love the pillows on our couches. Credits: Emily Merritt and Jacque Larsen's Pillow Pets from Lily pad; CD Muckosky's Splattered Alpha from Lily Pad 

 Here's another Penny page! Emily's kits lately are just so cute and make me want to scrap my pug! Credits: Emily Merritt's Unbearably Cute from Lily Pad; Micheline Martin's Don't Be Square alpha from Lily Pad; Amber Clegg's These Moments button stitches from Lily Pad

 I finally scrapped this photo from Becky's visit a few years ago! I chopped up the photo so that I don't look so short next to Krista! Credits: Amy Wolff's 11 a.m. papers and 11:30 elements, Autumn Artistry frames from The Lily Pad; Amber Clegg's Date Stamps from Lily Pad; Sugar Cookies for Kids 2011 template from Sweet Shope

And I scrapped some of my Instagram photos to test a template that my friend Holly made. I used Lauren Grier's Photo Op kit.


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