Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I'm sitting here trying to scrap, waiting for Top Chef to come on, but I don't know if that's going to happen! After a few months of a mixed schedule, I'm finally back to working days. It goes against my night owl nature and I'm so tired and confused! I'm sure I'll get used to it in a few weeks. And it really is better than working until 11 p.m. and then having to be back at work at 10 a.m. the next day.  

So I figured I'd blog a bit to try to keep me from passing out on the couch. Here's a new "lately" list!

Learning: I'm trying to figure out InDesign and have been watching lots of good tutorials at Thinking about getting InDesign for Dummies on my Nook.

Trying: To save money! I changed my paypal password to something that's not so easy to remember so that I don't buy any digi kits for awhile. I've been taking lunch to work everyday - I just need to do a better job about cooking dinner. Also, I hid my Nook.

Reading: Still working on Inheritance by Christopher Paolini. That's my upstairs book. The Scottish Prisoner by Diana Gabaldon is my downstairs/lunchtime read. I'm trying to take a break from my Nook because I've spent too much money plowing through half of the Stephanie Plum books in just a few weeks!

Eating: My favorite thing lately is fruit in my salad. I used to think the whole idea was gross. But first I tried apples and craisins with a raspberry vinagrette. This week, I tried pears and grapes. Good stuff!
Also, Nutella. Yum!

Drinking: Black coffee. I ran out of milk one day and realized I like my coffee black, once it cools down a bit. I'm down to just one cup a day - and I think that's been good for me. I haven't had insomnia lately.

Listening: Hunger Games trilogy (again), iPod on shuffle every morning to get me motivated.

Watching: Lately, I love New Girl, Happy Endings, cooking competitions, Shameless. I'm getting ready to give up on The Office, the U.S. Being Human, Ringer. So glad 30 Rock is back. Now, I just need Community! I am sad that Downton Abbey's season just ended, but excited to hear Doctor Who is in production! 

Obsessing: Trying to get three stars on every level in Angry Birds Seasons. Stupid pigs!

Pinning: Is it me or is everyone on Pinterest now? I hope all these new followers of mine like my quirky Doctor Who posts! I decided to use Pinterest to help inspire me at work, too, so I've started boards for news design, type and infographics.

Rooting for: Paul on Top Chef; The Artist for Best Picture; George Takei on Celebrity Apprentice.

Scrapping: Here are a few more recent pages that I haven't shared yet!

I really like this page! I love circles - but never remember to used them! I also got to use blending, stamping and an owl on here - lots of my favorite things on one page! The pictures are from Smorgasburg last summer where we had lots of tasty things to eat. Credits: Dani Mogstad's Snap Happy from Sweet Shoppe; Amy Martin's Betwined from The Lily Pad; CD Muckosky's Hippety Hop alpha from The Lily Pad

This was a page on my to-do list for ages. I wanted to scrap this photo of me and mom and remind myself that I am lucky to have her in my life. I might complain about living with her, but she really does so much for me - and Penny, too! Credits: Emily Merritt's and Valorie Wibbens' Lucky Me from The Lily Pad; Amy Martin's Feb 2011 challenge template from The Lily Pad

And this little cutie is my SIL's nephew. I did an 8x10 version of this page for my December Daily album and resized it so I can eventually give Vez a copy, too. Credits: Kitschy Christmas by Rachel Young, Christina Kirk and and Jacque Larsen from Lily Pad.


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