Monday, March 12, 2012


The only thing I like better than scrapbooking is getting crafty with my friends! My dear friend Melissa invited me - along with Tina & Krista - to her house on Saturday for some girl time! Not only did we get to hang out and laugh, but they fed me well! And I like hanging out with Melissa's family, too. Her daughter is a prodigy on the sewing machine and taught me all about Laloopsy dolls.

I mostly worked on my Smashbook and finished up the cover for my grandma's birthday party album. I got to play with Tina's Slice, which was pretty cool!

I just took a photo of this and Penny posed when she saw my camera LOL!

Here you can see my Sliced 80 and my little banner with rub on stitching.

I cut out some magazine picture of Bruce Springsteen for a page spread in progress. Gracie made me laugh saying she didn't think he was good looking! Hee! (I just got his new album Wrecking Ball - pretty good stuff!) Here's some more smashy stuff.

I'm not really artsy or a paper scrapper, but I do like to buy cute and useless stuff. So my smash book has turned into a place where I can play with Muppet band aids and owl stickers! I think my Kermit page turned out pretty awesome! Melissa and our friend Patti also got Smash books so we're having fun working (or not working) on them. I still want to do some more work on these last two pages.

I barely touched my laptop while I was at Melissa's. I made a little progress on a digi page, but that's ok! We had so much fun just hanging out!


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