Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Goofing off

I wanted to scrap or attempt to do something productive, but instead I've been goofing off in some forums, checking Pinterest and playing Draw Something. So I guess I'll just share my latest pages instead while I watch Cougar Town. (Penny Can!!!)

 Some photos from Festival of Lion King at Disney. These photos were terrible but the show was so much fun! So I do what we do at work when the art isn't so great. BIG TYPE! Credits: Emily Merritt's L is for Lion from the Lily Pad

I am determined to catch up on some Easter scrapping, so I pulled up these photos from a few years ago for Lilypad's scraplift challenge. Credits: Kim Jensen's Bloomin' Egg-cellent flowers, Emily Merrit's Teeny Pattern Papers 2, Emily Merritt & Tiff Brady's Doodle Frames and CD Mucksosky's Splattered alpha - all from Lily Pad.

 I did a page called Rocky Raccoon featuring Rocky a few years ago so I've wanted to make this page pretty much since I got my dog! Credits: Micheline Martin's The It Girl and March challenge template by Amy Martin - all from Lily Pad.

And I think I am now all caught up on the kids' birthdays! Good thing because Taylor is almost 9! Credits: Zoey by Amy Wolff at the Lily Pad.

 Credits: Love & Grace Collab from Lily Pad - elements & papers by Amy Wolff, Jenna Desai, Rachel Young, Allison Pennington, Kaye Winieki, Valorie Wibbens, Meghan Mullens, Lauren Grier, The Hidden Heart; CD Mucksosky's Teeny Type Too from Lily Pad

And here's one to mark Leap Day.... Credits: Hoppy Birthday collab by the designers at The Lily Pad

If you can tell from my credits, I am a  bit time Lily Pad stalker! I am taking a break from digi shopping because I really need to save money and it is killing me! But at least I am lucky enough to "work" for some very talented designers and I have a very exciting guest gig for April and a new team as well!

BTW.... if you like Kim Jensen Designs, you should like Kim's Facebook page!


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