Sunday, March 25, 2012

May the odds be ever in your favor

I went to see the Hunger Games yesterday, and I think it was a pretty good adaptation of the story. Maybe it's because I've listened to these books over and over and know the story so well, but I just wasn't that excited watching it or didn't feel as much emotion for some scenes - except for maybe the reaping at the very beginning. I wanted to love this movie a lot more.

One of my favorite things was seeing the behind-the-scenes stuff of the games - Seneca Crane plotting with President Snow or working in the operating room - or even just people back in District 12 watching the show - or the commentators explaining tracker jackers.

My sister, who has never read the books, didn't understand why Katniss would help Peeta and didn't get the scene with the bread. I don't think his character was developed so well. Randi's already on Team Gale. (Shaking my head!) I think Katniss's relationship with Rue was kind of lacking, too. I also wish Haymitch was drunker!

But that said, Jennifer Lawrence was pretty kick ass. And Elizabeth Banks was awesomely hilarious as Effie.    Stanley Tucci and Donald Sutherland were also excellently cast.

The movie seemed a lot less violent than the book. Scenes like the bloodbath at the cornucopia all happened so quickly - so I think they were less haunting - but that's not a bad thing. The books are so dark and disturbing!

There were some amazing details in the visuals. I loved how the film showed the contrast between the poor districts and the extravagance of the Capitol. The dark, dreariness of District 12. Everything was covered in coal. The scene in District 11 - love that they showed this - reminded me of the 60s race riots. And then there was the sleek design of the Capitol - in everything from Seneca Crane's beard to those awesome chairs in the District 12 quarters. Effie's wardrobe alone was insane!

I think I like this film more when I've seen with a little distance. It's like the Harry Potter movies - when I see them in the movies, I feel disappointed, but then love them after seeing them a million times on ABC family because the books aren't so fresh in my mind. I think the story was in good hands.

And now I'm dying to see how they cast the Quarter Quell. I should skip re-reading Catching Fire!


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