Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Birthday partying

Taylor's birthday party was a pretty simple affair. It was just family. Mike grilled up some food. The kids ran around the yard and got pretty dirty. And then we had ice cream cake.

 Here's the 9 year old not wanting to go outside. She looks so grown up! I almost don't blame her - the new Avatar cartoons were on!

Derek was blowing "big bubbles" or at least trying too.  He got a lot of bubbles all over my clothes!

 Baby Glenn is getting so big! He's so cute. And single!

And Kylie was crazy as usual.

My favorite picture of Taylor at the party.

Time for cake.
And time for dirt!

I have to admit I was pretty bored but I kept myself entertained by playing with my new camera apps - Incredibooth and DoodleBooth.

So if you can turn boredom in to a scrapbook page, then I think it was worth it!
Credits: Lauren Reid & The Hidden Heart's Make it Snappy kit from One Story Down.


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