Monday, April 02, 2012

Spirit Week

Last week was a pretty cool time to work at the design studio! We celebrated the studio's first anniversary with a spirit week celebration! There were some themed days: mustache day, Western day and power suit day. We had a party at the Asbury Park Silverball Museum, where we got to hang out and play pinball! And we closed out the week with an ice cream party. When you work with a lot of creative types, they go all out for this kind of stuff, so it was super fun!

While my commute still makes me insane, I've been liking my job a lot more! I am working on a new team and my new supervisor is someone I worked with up in Westchester. They moved my desk so I'm right next to her. She is uber-talented and I just learn a lot by sitting next to her. It's great to throw around ideas and cook something up! I've done some cool stuff for the papers we work on - mostly the Vineland Daily Journal, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle and the Cherry Hill Courier Post - which I need to bundle up so I can share. I'm learning how to do a lot more in In Design and I've been getting to show off some of my Photoshop tricks, too.

I already scrapped my photos from Spirit Week!

These pics all came from my iPhone. You can see what I wore for each of the days: A mustache headband and necklace, which I made myself because I had to get crafty!; a bow tie for power suit day; and a cowboy hat, which mostly sat on my desk because it made me itch! That little logo was made into posters that were hung around the office. Everyone signed two of them which were then framed for our two directors. Our logo is Bruce Springsteen's guitar - which I think is way more awesome than the other studios' logos: a cow, a plain guitar, a cactus, a horse. Then we have two big guitars painted on the walls - one yellow one inside and the big orange one in the hallway.

The credit list on this page is ginormous. It's lots of One Story Down and Lily Pad stuff.

And here are my pics from the pinball arcade! What a cool place. I am not really good at pinball or a big fan of the game, but it was fun. You can play any game as much as you want. Some of the games date back to the 50s and there were all these cool retro things all over the place. I don't get to hang out with my co-workers much because I live so far away, so I am glad I got to go!

Credits: Valorie Wibben's Tape Up Vol 2 from One Story Down; Domesticated Lady's Type A Personality Font and The Greys papers from One Story Down; Chere Kaye's alpha from Tell Me a Story Collab from One Story Down; Arrows from Tell Me a Story Collab from One Story Down; Atomic Cupcake's Silver Action


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